We Are Peacemakers Too

If Yeshua Jesus is our Savior and we are following Him, then we are peacemakers too!  He told us to go and make disciples of all nations…to baptize (dunk) them in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and teach them all He commands.

We are to help others find the Peacemaker who we have found!  We are to bear witness and testify of our Savior.  This Peacemaker is the greatest gift we can offer anyone!

Why aren’t we peacemakers of this kind?  Because we are distracted with many things.  Because we do not want to be labeled as extreme, religious, weird, different, etc.  Because of peer pressure.  Because we like the world and all its stuff.  Because we feel intimidated and weak or not qualified.  Because it is not “cool” or “professional” or “modern”….or whatever…..

Yet, blessed are this kind of peacemaker because they are called the children of God!  I am so thankful for my Peacemaker Yeshua Jesus and that I can now be called a child of the Creator Heavenly Father!  My heart must overflow as I testify and bear witness of peace through Yeshua Jesus!

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