Fight For Your Peace #2

The enemy will try to steal your peace.  I find that this happens especially when I am the weakest.  I may be tired, emotionally spent, pressured at work, in chaos or confusion, in physical pain, in a storm or trouble, sensing a family burden, or maybe distracted with many things.  The thoughts of fear, worry, confusion, and anxiety come rushing in.  Right then, I need to resist entertaining those thoughts. And definitely I need to keep my mouth from confessing them and owning them in my life through complaining or idle chatter.  Actually, I have spoken to myself out loud to help me resist and rebuke those kinds of thoughts. I might say, “Karen, stop worrying, instead turn around and trust in God.”

I need to redirect my thinking to what God says about it.  Remember Philippians 4: 8 – think on what is true, noble, right , pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, praiseworthy!  That means “Look up” and think His words!  What does God say about it? That is so much more than just thinking positive.  It is so much more than emptying your mind in Eastern meditation and New Age relaxation exercises.  Those methods are building on the sand.  We are building on the Rock!  We are not hiding or running away.  We acknowledge reality, but know that our Father is greater than this world’s temporary reality!

Yeshua Jesus has made a way for us to live in our new all-powerful Father.  We are working and exercising our faith in Him! We are putting faith in Him and His Word….in thoughts and actions. We need to pick up His Word, the Bible, and read it….and meditate on it…and stop and listen to what the Holy Spirit enlightens our mind with…pray in agreement with it….and in faith we need to trust Father, Yeshua/Jesus and the Holy Spirit that they will do what they say!  Then, our internal peace is restored!

We have to use the sword of His Word and shield of faith He provides if we are to fight for our peace.  We fight the same way that Yeshua fought temptation in the wilderness….putting faith in the noble, true, right, good Word of the Father!  In the next message, I will share some of what our Father says that has helped me in fighting for peace within.

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