Peace With Others – James 1

I have been led to the book of James.  We will take it a chapter at a time. It has so much information on how to keep peace in our own heart first, in all circumstances, and then let it spring out towards others.  It also exposes the strife in relationships with others when we do not follow God’s peace and wisdom.  I encourage you to read through James as we go. I will try to share thoughts from each chapter….. beginning in James 1.

God is not the author of trouble, but “storms” can be profitable when we exercise peace and stay in faith in Father, Yeshua Jesus, and Holy Spirit.  It helps us to learn patience, humility/meekness, and endurance.  It is a way to exercise changing our weakness into strength. We need to ask God for His wisdom….with no doubting Him or His Word and no double minded thinking (meaning going both His way and the world’s way). We will be tempted to be drawn away by our own desires, or enticed by others, or the world’s ways.  That is often how we got into trouble in the first place.  The Heavenly Father only gives good gifts.  Recognize that wordly thoughts and solutions are NOT from God!  He sends only good, perfect, lovely, true, right, pure and peaceful. Hold fast to the Peacemaker and His thoughts/words to stay in peace, even in the storms.  Sometimes people bring on those storms and trouble.

James 1:19 begins teaching us about dealing with others.  We are to be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath.   In other words, try hard to listen and hold off on reacting.  It is best to go to God before you react.  Put away wickedness, filthiness, selfishness…and turn your attention to God’s Word in meekness (determining to submit to the Holy Spirit). Once we hear the truth, then we need to do it…follow through…obey…now react in peace.

Especially because this involves others, be careful what you say…..bridle your tongue….let God control it. What you say is more revealing of who you are on the inside than the religious terminology and activities you profess.  Beware you do not deceive your own heart or become a hypocrite before others. Become trustworthy and respectable. Have true peace in yourself through the one and only Peacemaker. True peace with others should flow out of the true peace within you.

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