Peace With Others – James 4

Why do people fight and not get along in their relationships?  It is because they are following after worldly and physical pleasures in envy and pride….or possibly fear…..thinking they need to do it themselves.  Many focus on the riches of this world and that can divide (make without peace) their relationships.  Some focus on what “I” can do today or am planning for tomorrow concerning the attainment of worldly riches. Some use other people to gain worldly pleasures and treasures.  Also, we should not speak evil of someone else to get ahead or blame someone else for our troubles.  None of this is being a peacemaker.

We are to humble ourselves before our Heavenly Father and ask Him to help and guide us. Do not be double minded thinking you can have the world’s way and God’s way.  His way is pure and right. We must draw near to Him.  If we find we have fallen into the world’s ways, then we need to turn, repent, and clean up our ways.  He will lift us up and back to Peace!  Then, we will be prepared to also ask Him for others as a peacemaker.  We can be intercessors along with Yeshua Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Instead of accusing, criticizing, or judging others, we can extend mercy and peace with opportunity of salvation.

We need to exercise patience and perseverance in ourselves and in dealing with others.  Usually, change takes time.  Mercy and forgiveness leave an open door and keep us out of bitterness.  Sometimes we suffer in fervent prayer over other people, especially those we really love.  We pray for those who are suffering.

Sometimes we suffer in persecution and ridicule.  We should not be offended.  We should not get caught up in anger or offense.  But, we should continue to speak the truth in love.  Exhortation in truth to bring someone out of unrighteousness and worldliness is a great expression of love.  But, we do not condemn the person, just the sin.  The Father is the Judge.  And His best revenge against evil is to overcome in a sinner’s life and bring them to peace with Him and righteousness!

Pray for people.  Love them.  Tell them the Truth!  You will only be able to do this if your relationship with Father, Yeshua Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is right – in peace and united.  Our relationship with others is an overflow of what and who is inside us.  If Peace rules in my heart, then I can be a peacemaker with others.

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