Persecution Coming?

In my lifetime, America has gone from a “Christian” nation where the average person believed, trusted in, and honored Jesus, into a nation who elevates man in humanism and resists or even in some cases prevents the worship of Jesus….or often just disregards Him.   What will happen in the lifetime of my grandchildren? Yet, persecution has always been and will always be as long as evil is in the world.

Biblical prophecy prepares us for what is coming so that we need not be afraid or confused.  The book of Revelation, many Old Testament prophets, and Jesus Himself prophesied concerning the rise of a global government and financial system that would strongly persecute followers of Yeshua/Jesus.

I believe the New World Order beast is already rising out of the sea and exposing himself.  This one world government and financial system will put an end to any worship other than its own system. Many will freely join this globalist, socialistic, humanistic, anti-christ system being deceived and believing it to be the solution for world peace and love.  It will be too late when they realize this new system is dictatorial, enslaving, and satanic.  Persecution will then be martyrdom globally.  But, better to stand with Yeshua Jesus and face death with Him into His glorious heavenly eternal kingdom, than to join with evil and eternal hell!  So, when persecution comes, remember the blessing of Matthew 5:10, “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

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