Get Inside the Cleft of the Rock

A little over a week ago, I was home sick with a virus.  I had a lot of time for reading and meditating God’s Word as well as prayer.  Finally, after I had done all I knew to do….I realized it would be a good idea to listen.  So, I asked Father, Yeshua, and Holy Spirit to tell me what they wanted to say that I should hear. I waited on the Lord quietly.  I praised and thanked Him for who He is and everything good that He does.  I just “loved” on Him.  Then, in a quiet voice, I heard the first lines of this hymn….

“Rock of Ages, cleft for me.  Let me hide myself in Thee.”  Then, the Holy Spirit asked me, do you know what that means?  Well, I know Yeshua Jesus is the Rock that was split for us.  But, what really is the cleft of a rock?

I started studying.  The cleft of the rock is a huge tall vertical boulder standing on flat ground, but reaching up really high.  It reminded me of my trip to Colorado and “Garden of the Gods”.  Cleft means to cut in half.  So, this huge tall rock is cut in the middle from top to bottom.  It is split so that there is a flat floor in the middle of the rock on which a person can stand.  So, when you stand in the cleft of the Rock, you are surrounded by rock under your feet and all around.  Only the sky is open above.

I was then led to when Moses stood in the cleft of the rock (Exodus 33: 17-23).  He wanted to see and know God the Father.  Yahweh said that human flesh could not live upon seeing the glory of His face.  So, Yahweh told Moses to stand in the cleft of the rock and that Yahweh Himself would put His hand over the top so Moses would be completely covered.  Then, Yahweh walked by and removed His hand and Moses could then see His back and the glory that followed Him.

After this study time, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Get in the cleft of the Rock”!  The thought crossed my mind that this same type of message was given to Noah when Yahweh told him it was time to get into the ark and then Yahweh shut the door.  I recalled how Yahweh told His people in Egypt to put blood on their doorposts, go and stay inside and eat the lamb that they might be protected and delivered.  Then, I also realized how the Holy Spirit had been preparing us over the last year to build on the Rock.  This cannot all be coincidence.

I am going to listen and get into the cleft of the Rock best as I know how…and work diligently to stay and stand there.  I encourage you to do the same.

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