Steps To Our Goal

We have studied the first main points of Yeshua Jesus sermon on the Mount, often called the Beatitudes (the way to be beautiful in His sight). We read the end/conclusion of His sermon which states what we need to do to reach this goal.  We need to hear and practice His words to build on the Rock and withstand the storms.

My secondary education classes at the U of M taught me that lessons should:

  1. have an objective (goal and purpose);
  2. teach knowledge and facts in proper sequence (main points, details and examples, summary)
  3. practice application
  4. evaluate

I can see that is how Yeshua Jesus structured His Sermon on the Mount. We should do these steps in building a Rock foundation.  I was also taught that just hearing brings minimal understanding.  Hearing and seeing brings better understanding.  But, hearing, seeing and doing brings the best understanding and retention of what is being taught.  That is why application (doing) is so important.  And if we evaluate what we do, then we gain insight into what to do next time to improve.  Yeshua Jesus tells us the same thing when He says we should not only hear, but also practice!

This is true of everything we learn in life.  How often have you gone to hear a sermon at church and later in the day had to think hard to remember what it was about?  But, if you also see visual pictures or graphs, hear and participate in discussion, and you are writing things down, the message is more easily remembered.  Now, consider if you actually take that message and practice applying it to your real life. You have added experience and memories.  If you take time to evaluate, then next time you are “a step ahead”.

If we are not applying by practice what we learn from the Word of God, and hearers only, then it becomes useless to us.  We are to be disciples (followers of Jesus) in training.  We hear, we see (understand), we apply by practice (obey).  So, when we study Matthew 5-7 concerning building our foundation on the Rock, we must continually apply by practice what we are learning if we want to be productive and grow good fruit….and not crash in the storm!

James 1:22, “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”


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