Parable of the Sower and the Seed

In Matthew 13, Luke 8, and Mark 4 we read the parable of the Sower and the Seed and Yeshua Jesus explains this major parable.  Take some time to read them.

We see a pattern of attack that Satan uses after God sows His Word (Yeshua is the Word made flesh) in our minds and hearts.  Satan tries to separate us from God, His Word, and His love for us. Below is a quick summary of his tactics as exposed in the parable of the sower and the seed.

  1. Rocky ground: The Word is sown, but does not penetrate deep into the heart because it is not grasped, received, or comprehended. It does not go deep into the soil to take root.
  2. Sun parched: Persecution, trouble, and afflictions come.
  3. Among thorns: worldliness, distractions, desires, riches, deceptions, false philosophies, false religions come and choke it out.
  4. Little good fruit: Doing some fruits of good works and existing, but almost dead and not really alive. Likely numb, apathetic, confused, without knowledge or wisdom, and scattered.  Too little living water and oil.
  5. Abundant good fruit: In close relationship with God, connected to the branch, receiving living water and oil, and bearing abundant good fruit.

Have we let any of these things keep us from intimacy with Father, Son Yeshua Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?  What happens if it starts raining and we find we have built on the sand or are outside the house? We must truly examine ourselves.  Are we really building on the Rock?  Are we being and practicing in the Word in all areas of our lives?  Am I hungering and thirsting for living water, manna, and oil…..daily….hourly….minute by minute? What branch am I really grafted into……Yeshua Jesus, the Word made flesh, or the world?  Not just hearers, but doers also.


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