Warning the Churches in the New Testament

From the parable of the Sower Sows the Seed (Word) we now see some of Satan’s tactics to separate people from Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Consider the one sentence summaries below of the letters to the churches (New Testament books of the Bible) and notice the same tactics used against these churches.

  1. Ephesians – the love letter written that they would know Him and the power of His resurrection. (attack – keep the Word from going deep in the heart of the soil.)
  2. Thessalonians – to encourage they stand fast even in suffering and even if unto death; this is the church that Paul teaches about Jesus second coming and the resurrection of the dead; and of eternal life. (attack of persecution.)
  3. Corinthians – the letter to the worldly church and how they are supposed to conduct themselves in everyday life. (attacks of worldliness, distractions, cultural traditions)
  4. Galatians – the letter to the “bewitched” and “foolish” church who believes the lies of legalistic religion and traditions. (attack of thorns, false doctrine, false prophets/leaders)
  5. Colossians – the letter to the church who needs to be warned about empty philosophies and vain speculations (attack of little knowledge/wisdom; being scattered to yield little fruit)
  6. Philippians – the church known for its joy and rejoicing, even under pressure, and their willingness to give (overcomes attack by joyfully receiving living water and oil, result is abundant fruit)
  7. Romans – the church that needs to go back to solid foundations; know their relationship with Christ their Savior and understand the struggle between the flesh and walking in the Spirit. (hearers, but not doers….go back to Rock foundations)

Do those patterns sound familiar?  These are New Testament examples of the truth of the Sower Sows the Word parable in reality.  Satan still uses those same attacks and patterns today.

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