Everyone Is Doing It

I want to share especially with younger people.  I have lived a large portion of my adult life, so I do not have as much time anymore to apply this lesson and reap the good results.  I have already used up much of my allotted time on earth.

Lesson: Beware – If everyone is believing it and doing it, you need to question it – especially by asking the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to you and confirm it in God’s Word (Bible).

At best, if “everyone” is doing it, then it is likely rooted in worldliness and the world system, which is fallen and corrupted.  As sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and followers of Yeshua Jesus, we live under new kingdom and house rules.  We should be different than the world.  Yeshua said that is how they would know we are His.

At worst, if “everyone” is believing and doing it, then the wolves in sheep’s clothing (the pied pipers, the deceivers, the liars, the hypocrites) are herding together the people by deception into labor/productive enslavement for their own profit and eventually slaughter.  They will say they are providing peace, safety, security, prosperity, comfort, help, and happiness…but inwardly are ravenous wolves.  Is that were you want to be with everyone else?

Choose this day who you will serve….God or world system (mammon)?  Where will you spend your time, resources, and energies today?  God tells us in Revelation to “Come out of her (Babylonian world system)”!  Remember, we reap what we sow, where we sow, and more than we sow.

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