The Father’s Blessed People

Matthew 5 begins with telling us how to become and continue being the Heavenly Father’s Blessed people. The sermon on the mount ends with the goal and objective to build our house on the Rock so when the storms come we stand strong. So, what is in the middle?

First, we need to notice that all the blessings have to do with character and who we are in our soul.  Next, we need to closer examination. We may think we have all those blessing verses covered, but do we really? Are we forgetting any little thing? God is totally holy with not even one little sin in Him.  I think when we honestly examine ourself we will see that there is no way we can do this on our own!  Continue reading in Matthew 5: 13 to 6:8. Even a little sin is a big deal….and Yeshua Jesus died to pay the expensive price for all of them!


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