Do You Believe This?

Please read Matthew 5:17-19.

I am concerned that most of the “Christian” church today no longer believes these verses!  They think “anything goes”, “do what you want”, “Jesus paid the price so now it doesn’t matter what I do, I am forgiven”, “it is all relative”, “that was only for past cultures”, “as long as I go to church, I am ok”, “no more law because now I believe in Jesus”, “obedience and repentance are Old Testament ideas”….etc.

I believe there is some confusion about being under the Law, saved by the Law, or being in agreement with the Law. I believe there is also some confusion about what is the Law. Let me help a little…

We are not saved by keeping the Law. Religion has always had a way of adding man-made religious laws to God’s Law.  The same thing happened in Yeshua Jesus time.  Yeshua Jesus came against the Pharisees and Saducees and their hypocritical laws and suggestions that they were of God.  Yeshua Jesus did not come to fulfill that religious man made law.

There is also a religious Old Covenant law given to Moses that Paul taught about in His letters to the churches.  That Old Testament law given to Moses was a foreshadow and caretaker for Israel to keep people “Yehwah and Messiah minded” until Yeshua Jesus would come to fulfill it.  Yeshua Jesus did come and fulfill that Heavenly Father’s Law/Word.  Paul teaches that we are not saved by that Old Covenant law of Moses, but rather by our New Covenant through Yeshua Jesus. We are saved by grace through faith in Yeshua Jesus who paid the sacrificial price of holy blood to pay for our lawlessness/sin and inability to save ourselves. (Ephesians 2: 8-9).  It is no longer the body that is circumcised, but rather the heart.  There is a New Covenant Law which fulfilled the Old Covenant Law.

But, the Word of God, the Law of God never changes.  What He began He completes.  What is right is still right.  What is holy is still holy.  God’s Law is His holy standard without spot or wrinkle….it is total truth…total righteousness…total justice….and spoken by the true prophets…it is God’s Word…it is absolute truth.  Yeshua Jesus fulfilled Yehwah’s Law and continues to fulfill it. That is the Law Yeshua is teaching about here in Matthew 5:17-19.

Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us we are saved by grace through faith. But, let’s not forget verse 10…we are saved that we might do His good works.  Yeshua did not do away with Yehwah’s Law, He fulfilled it and is still fulfilling it. God’s Law/Word will never pass away even in the smallest point.  We should not break, do away with, or relax on any of its points.  We are to keep and teach God’s Law and Word. If we are His, then we are now in His kingdom, under His Law, following His Word, going His ways….and helping others to do the same.  We are His kingdom kids!  We need to follow the King’s Law! And we follow it not because He is a dictator, but because we now have Him in our heart and desire to be like Him and do what He does!

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