Set Apart

Blessed people are set apart (different) from the world.  We have a new Lord, a new heart, a new family, a new household, a new city, a new kingdom, a new way with new standards. Matthew 5: 21- 6:4 give us some specific examples of how that looks in real life.  We are set apart from even the smallest sin which tries to destroy us and separate us from our Lord.  Do not crack open the door to the adversary, not even a little.

  1. Men hold murder as the moral standard, but do not let anger start small. As God’s blessed people, we are not to even call our BROTHER (our siblings in Yeshua Jesus) a worthless fool.  Our BROTHER is priceless to our Lord.  He gave His life for him!  Words count.  Control our mouths and thoughts.
  2. Do not come to our Lord with offerings and asking for forgiveness if we have offended someone or stand in unforgiveness. First reconcile with people as a peacemaker and then come to the Lord with our offering. If we are being brought before a worldly judge for our offense, then become friends and make peace with that person before going to the worldly court or we will be snared by the judgment of that worldly court.
  3. Adultery and unfaithfulness begin in the heart. Cut it off before it manifests.  Cut off, set apart, and separate the part of the flesh that causes your whole body to head to destruction.  Be consecrated.  Be faithful. Divorce is also unfaithfulness unless for the cause of the other spouse’s adultery.
  4. Your only vow or oath should be to the Lord. Then, be a person of your word…and say either yes or no….and follow through.  End of story.  God is faithful to His Word to perform it and so we should follow His example.  Any other vow or oath can be used as a snare by satan.
  5. The Lord says He will take care of vengeance and justice. We are called to be peacemakers and people of compassion.  Trust Him and walk in love even with those NOT yet in His kingdom.  They should know us by our love.
  6. Do not be a religious hypocrite or do good in pride. Do not pray, do charitable work, or speak publicly to bring honor to yourself.  Public prayers of many words or impressive charismatic words do not please our Lord.  Instead, He desires fellowship with Him personally and privately.  Know that the Lord is the source of all good work and His is the glory.

These are some ways we live out the “blessings”: of recognizing we need Yeshua Jesus in our heart; receiving His Comforter to help us; humbling ourselves in repentance and obedience; pursuing His right ways of being (character) and doing; being merciful and forgiving; growing in heart purity and motive; being a peacemaker and peace with God bringer; and standing even when persecuted for this kind of right being and living. This is building our house on the Rock in real life.

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