Not All Talk

We cannot only pray the Lord’s Prayer, we need to cooperate with our Lord and “do” it.

After teaching us the Lord’s Prayer, Yeshua Jesus says in Matthew 6: 14-15, that we actually are expected to forgive other people and hold no resentment (no self centeredness).  He follows in teaching Matthew 6:16-18 that we should fast in secret, not as a show of religion or sacrifice (no pride or self glory).  Then, in Matthew 6:19-21, He says to NOT gather up and store earthly riches, but rather work at storing up heavenly treasures (no other idols above Him)!  This goes beyond saying prayers and moves into “doing” and how to live in righteousness!

His main point of this section of the lesson is verse 21: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”.

So, if I look at what riches and treasures I am working for and storing up, that will expose what my heart is really focused on and who I really love and serve.  Lots of deep personal examination required in that.  It reminds me of the parable of the 10 virgins who were waiting for the Bridegroom (Matthew 25).  Only 5 virgins had done the work to go to the market and purchase the treasure of the oil to ensure their lamps were full.  They rejoiced when the Bridegroom came and followed Him into the Wedding banquet.  The 5 virgins who had not prepared by purchasing the treasured oil, had to go back to get more.  They had not been working for and storing up the heavenly treasure.  Their hearts were focused on other things or maybe just apathetic.  Maybe they thought just a little oil would do.  Later, the Bridegroom tells them this truth plainly, “I do not know you.”  That is the real “heart” of the issue. The treasure I am being filled with and storing really does expose the love of my heart.

What do you treasure?  What are you storing up?  Where is your heart?  A few verses later Yeshua declares, “You cannot serve God and mammon (worldliness).”  Matthew 6:24.  It is time to prepare and fill our storehouses.

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