Criticism and Judging

Mathew 7:1-6 instructs us to NOT criticize and judge others.  Remember that what we sow, we reap…so sow criticism and you will reap criticism.  Have you ever heard how an offensive critical remark demands a defensive response?  It is usually not received well and does not usually promote change.

Yeshua Jesus message goes on to instruct us to examine ourselves!  You may be familiar with these verses about being unable to take a speck out of someone else’s eye when you have a log in your own eye. We first need to get the “dirt” out of our own eye in order to see clearly and help someone else with their “dirt”.

God is the authority and He will do the judging.  We are to love and encourage one another and forgive when wronged, not judge/condemn others or get revenge.  We should recognize that we all have “dirt” in our lives and therefore be very understanding of one another and pray for one another. When it comes to “dirt”, we are to do some self-examination and deal with our own “dirt” first. That is a big job in itself.  Be thankful the Holy Spirit will help.

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