It’s Just a Speck…

It is just a speck of dirt…a small thing.  So, sometimes we just dismiss it and ignore it.  But when it is in your eye, it looks like a log and impairs our vision. We do not see things clearly. Have you ever heard about making a mountain out of a molehill? We end up focusing on the wrong thing.

Our “speck of dirt” or “thorn” in our eye is the weakness we have that the adversary uses against us by enticement and deception to destroy us, separate us from God, and divide us from others.  This “dirt” comes in many forms.   The lust of the flesh comes in enticing us to partake of what is not good and/or in overindulgence. (It tastes good and makes me feel good.)  The lust of the eye entices and deceives us into focusing on, pursuing, and worrying about the things of this world. (I want that or that will make me happy.) The pride of life entices us to depend on ourselves, strive for recognition and riches, and to bring our souls up above others by boasting. (I can do it myself or I can do it better than other people.)  1 John 2:16. Matthew 4.

These things manifest as weaknesses in “dirt” like drug addictions, entertainment addiction, alcoholism, obesity, laziness, depression, anxiety, worry, fear, people pleasing, anger management, aggression, unforgiveness, bitterness,  resentment, gossip, gambling, materialism, focus on physical appearance, rejection, self-hate, doubt, unbelief, disloyalty, critical spirit, pride, selfishness, self-sufficiency, or even focus on self-insufficiency, condemnation, and many other burdensome bad habits or mind sets.

It seems easy to recognize these things in others, but in Matthew 7 we are encouraged to look at ourselves to see if they are a problem in our own life.  We need to deal with these things in our own life before we can help others.

What is impairing the way I see things?  What is keeping me from seeing God, others, and even myself clearly?  Hallelujah, the Holy Spirit and the Word of God can help! And God’s grace is sufficient for me! 2 Corinthians 12:9


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