How do we deal with “specks” and “dirt”?

We go back to building our house on the Rock and maintaining it in FAITH.  We go back to the Good Shepherd’s green pastures and stay out of the bad pastures.  We trust the Good Shepherd to be our Savior, Deliverer, Provider and Protector….supplying all we need for our own good.  He will clean us up.  We will know His voice and follow Him and not the stranger.  We will see clearly as His Word clears our vision, changing our desires, motivations, and focus.  We pray and ask Him to keep is on the straight and narrow road instead of straying or falling into the ditches.  Our faith increases and we trust Him.  His love draws us near to Him and we rest in His green pastures by clean waters.  Our souls are restored.  Now we really know Him and we want to invite others to know Him too.  We strongly encourage them to follow the Good Shepherd and come into His pastures.

He is faithful to do the clean up work as people cooperate with Him.  He sent the Holy Spirit to help us.  He never said it would always be easy.  Removing a speck from the eye or a thorn from the flesh may hurt during that process.  But, then comes relief.  Think about a good shepherd taking care of His sheep.  Sometimes we need a good shearing to get all that matted, weed and bug infested, dirty wool off of us. The Bible also makes analogy to a good gardener pruning the branches.   The surgery, shearing, pruning process may not be fun; but when done, we are free, clean, healed and so much lighter and happier!

John 8:36, “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.”

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