Invitation – Moved or Exhorted to Seek Him?

Is your foundation really on Yeshua Jesus the Rock?  You may say, “Yes, I am a Christian” and I believe in Jesus.  But are you really fully committed and following Him?  On who or what do you base your life and decisions?  You cannot have two foundations.  You cannot have one foot on rock and the other on sand.  You cannot say the house on the Rock is yours, but live outside of it.  That is shaky ground.  You cannot remain a child of the world and still expect to be adopted into the family of the Father.  You can only have one Father in order to build on the Rock.  Do you know your Savior, your Father, and your Comforter the Holy Spirit?  If not, it may be time to tear down the old foundations and start building this new one!

It may be your time for change……you do not need to go down any aisle or pray with anyone else.  This is between you and God the Father, Yeshua (Jesus) the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  It is your personal relationship.  In your own words, ask Yeshua Jesus to be your personal Savior and Master/Lord.  Tell Him you are making a vow to follow Him always and forever.  Repent and mourn that you have been following the world and not in His ways.  Ask for His forgiveness and determine you are going to search out His right way to live in righteousness and desire His truth in His Word.

Ask Him to send His Holy Spirit to be your teacher and comforter…and the One who will convict you of sin and teach you the Father’s words and ways.  Invite the Holy Spirit to be with you and in you with every breath you take.

Start reading the Bible (the Word of God)….to try to learn His character and what He says is good.  Determine to obey whatever the Holy Spirit reveals to you as a good path or decision. Keep your heart faithful to Him.  We are saved by His grace through our faith (leaning, trusting, depending and relying on Him) in all we think and do.  Keep on keeping on in Him, Yeshua our Savior and Lord.  Build on the Rock and get in the house.  Hide in the cleft of the Rock.  Stay close to the Good Shepherd in His pastures.  And you will have the peace that passes understanding and our blessed hope of eternal life with Him.

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