Think Positive

Are being hopeful and thinking positive the same thing?

The world might say “yes”, but the answer is “no”.

Today, positive thinking means just thinking “happy thoughts” or in a more metaphysical sense being able to bring to reality what you focus your thoughts on and confess.  This does have an effect on us because what we think directs our behavior and attitudes.  This type of “positive thinking” is based on what “I” can do.

But, as a follower of Yeshua Jesus, there is a better way:

We put our faith and focus in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and not just on what we can do or think.  Faith is complete trust and confidence in someone or something, now and always.

When we have faith in God and truth, we can trust what He has promised by His Word.  We can have hope in those promises.  We hold onto hope for something future ….rooted in who and what we have faith in.

Meditations in God’s good word and prayer is the positive thinking tool we use to “hold fast” to our hope with confidence and faith in who and what we trust (God and His Word).

So, as followers of Yeshua Jesus, we should be thinking good and positive thoughts based on our trust and faith in God and His Word so that we can hope for those things He has promised. We are not “thinking positive” in our own thoughts, desires, emotions, and efforts.  Beware of “think positive” ministries who come as wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Also beware,  we are not to be meditating in the Eastern religion form of emptying out minds to let anything come in which might masquerade as “peaceful spirits” or “uplifting spirits”.  Only God and His word is good, pure, trustworthy and praiseworthy!  Positive think on that!

Philippians 4:87, “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things noble, whatever things just, whatever things pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if any virtue and if anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.”

Humanistic positive thinking is a metaphysical spiritual force of the mind.  Your mind is your power of choice and directs all you believe and do.  It is a force that can be used for good or evil.  God has given humans choice and will.  We determine how we use it and who we follow.  Satan comes as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14).  He entices with euphoric thoughts and feelings, with fleshly pleasures and comforts, with pride and self-gratification and accomplishment.  He desires to direct our thought to worldly positive thinking, hopes, and faith.

The world is “eating it up” in the forms of yoga and meditations, positive thinking for peace or pleasure or prosperity, by visualization and imaginations, positive confessions, New Age spiritual practices, all psychological operations for mind control, etc.  God has given people an effective mind tool, but sadly, many are using it the wrong way and focusing their faith on themselves, man, or other spirits rather than in Father, Yeshua Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Like allowing the flesh to control us through sinful pleasures, positive thinking in the wrong focus will also bring temporary pleasure and seemingly good results.  But, in truth the end of that road leads to destruction and death…and being captives/slaves of satan and his ways.

If you promote a “think positive” gospel, then be sure you are also promoting that the ONLY good focus for faith and hope is in Yeshua Jesus.  We cannot save ourselves, He is our Savior in all things!  Now, that is a positive thought filled with faith and hope!

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