Hoping and Wishing

Are hope and wish the same thing?

Maybe the world sees them as the same, but they are not.

Hope has a foundation in faith…..and if who and what we have faith in is trustworthy, then our hope is firm and established and expectantly waiting for the manifestation of what we hope for.  It is sure and solid even if we do not see it.  Our sure blessed hope: I can in assured faith put my hope of eternal salvation in the kingdom of heaven with Yeshua Jesus, because He has promised it to those who choose and follow Him.

A wish has little foundation for assured fulfillment. A wish is something desired.  It is not promised, just desired.  Sometimes wishes come true and sometimes they don’t.  Wishes can be good or bad.  A wish or desire could be in line with God’s will, but for it to be fulfilled may depend on another person.  For example, it is God’s desire that all be saved, but not all will be saved because some will not choose Him.  Jesus wept because He wished He could gather His people in Jerusalem unto Himself, but they would not come.  The apostle Paul wished that if it were possible he would give himself up for the salvation of the Jews…..but that was not God’s plan.  None of these are bad wishes, but it is not intended for us to put our hope in wishes.  There are also wishes  that are not good, and those we should not entertain in our minds and hearts.

We are to put hope in Father, Yeshua Son, and Holy Spirit, and in their Word and promises.  This hope is sure and will not disappoint.

Wishes can disappoint, even if they are good wishes.  Hope works together with faith and love.

We need to know the character of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit AND we need to know their Word (the Bible) so we know what we can put faith, hope, and trust into.  Then we can hope with expectation and our hearts will not become burdened, depressed, anxious, and hopeless.  We can take both wishes and hopes to prayer as He desires we share our heart with Him.  Hope should be aligned with God’s Word of promise and His character, then the prayer of a right-standing person in Yeshua Jesus can avail much!  In Him we hope.

James 5:16, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avail much.”


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