Our Hope Our Rock

Do you see how the Holy Spirit has brought our two studies together for us?  His Word is consistent.  In Ephesians 1: 15-23 and in Matthew 5-7 we are enlightened to know Yeshua Jesus our Rock and the hope of our calling AND our inheritance of heavenly riches through Him in His glory and resurrection power.

Remember our study in Matthew 5-7, where we saw that our foundation Stone/Rock is Yeshua Jesus?  Remember the pattern?  The first step is to humble ourselves and choose Him.  We repent (which means to be sorry about and determine to change) from the fallen worldly ways we have been following under the dominion of satan…and now move into the kingdom of heaven by the blood of Yeshua Jesus shed for us for the remission of our sins.  We confess Yeshua Jesus to be Lord and authority in our life now and forever.  And we begin this new journey with Him on His straight and narrow road.  He promises to never leave or forsake us as long as our hearts continue to belong to Him and our true pure heart’s desire is to follow Him.  And even if we end up in the ditch…..even then He is faithful to forgive us and lead us back to His narrow way.  That is the security of being owned by the Good Shepherd!  He is our sure hope and the foundation of anything and everything we should hope for.

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