Hope and Law

Romans 8 (message previous to this one) tells us that there is God’s spiritual LAW of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus and there is also a spiritual LAW of sin and death.  Let me share what I found this weekend.  We can walk in either the LAW of the spirit of life in Jesus or in the fleshly worldly LAW of sin and death…. meaning we can live in, act out, obey either one.

Everyone is in bondage to the law of sin and death at physical birth.  The only way to walk in the spirit of life is by being in Yeshua Jesus.  When a person “marries” Yeshua Jesus by faithful vow, then they come into relationship with holy Father and enter into a new family and have new citizenship in a different kingdom.  They have been set free from bondage to the first dictator and worldly kingdom.  Once we married Yeshua Jesus as our Savior, Hero, and Head, then we now have a new HOPE for a new way of life!

We no longer have an obligation to live in a fleshly worldly way; rather if we are living faithfully in Yeshua, we now have HOPE for a much better way! His way/laws/principles/standards are good with blessings results/consequences!  And He is full of grace to teach and lead us without condemning us/divorcing us when we fail.  We just need to keep our heart tight with Him and keep practicing with Him and hear/read His Word of instruction and depend on His strength and spirit to help us!

This means I am now practicing His ways/laws/standards and habitually deadening myself to fleshly and worldly ways.  I am amazed at how long-suffering and patient He is with me during this training process…because He loves me!  Nothing can separate me from His love for me.  The only thing that can separate me from Him is me – if I walk away and leave Him.  So, our adversary, that past owner and dictator of my life, tries in many ways to entice me to come back to him and his ways.  He is deceitful and tricky.  I must keep my mind and heart focused on my Bridegroom Yeshua!

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