Knowing the Truth and Walking with Him in Light

Do you really have a close intimate relationship with Yeshua Jesus and know Him or are you just playing religious games?  Does He know you intimately?  Do you know that Yeshua Jesus calls Himself the Way, the Truth, the Life? Are you habitually fellowshipping with Him and learning to be like Him – in His Way, His Truth, His Life?

Do His righteous laws/ways/standards delight you?  Do you strive to know His truth and light and live in it, repenting when you fall back into the dark ways of the world and sin?

Or do you say you are married to Yeshua the Bridegroom, but still just want to go your own way, do and get what you want, when you want, with whoever you want, whatever way you want, whatever feels good?  Do you really believe God does not care how you live just because His character is full of grace and love?  No. That is twisted.  Because God is full of grace and love, He does care how you live!  He always has your best in mind and His love desires fellowship with you.  But, He is the Light so to fellowship with Him, you need to walk with Him in the Light.

Do you remember the parable of the 10 virgins in Matthew 25 and how Jesus told 5 of them, “I do not know you”?  Those 5 virgins had no oil for light. They did not walk in the light (walk in the spirit, walk in truth)!  They knew about Jesus, but did not fellowship with Him or attain any oil from the Holy Spirit.  They had to get this oil (fuel for light) for themselves as the others who had been maintaining full oil could not share theirs and have enough.

That is the same thing Yeshua Jesus told the church at Laodicea in Revelation 3: 14-22.  They were lukewarm towards Him and thought they were rich in worldly goods, not realizing how poor they really were in spiritual things.  He said they needed to “buy” from Him… be refined (trained) by fire and put on robes of righteousness and get eye salve to open their eyes to truth! If they repent and change from their old sinful worldly behavior, He will open the door to let them in and fellowship with them.  He is looking for His people to overcome that dark way by being in fellowship with Him in light….His grace and truth with our faithfulness.

Being a “Christian” is not just a choice of religious philosophy.  Being a Christian is personal relationship and fellowship with Yeshua Jesus as His bride… with Him continually day after day, hour to hour, even minute to minute. It is learning to become one with Him in His thoughts, words, and deeds.  It is learning and practicing to delight in His new living ways/laws/standards of righteousness (right and good and true ways).  It is not a burden, but rather a release from bondage!  His ways are walking in light and all that is good!  And revelation and understanding of His truth, His Word of instruction, His love, His goodness, His ways, etc, are so enlightening and refreshing and delightful!  We may have had a bad start in this world, but GREAT NEWS and HOPE!  We can have great HOPE in His transforming power when we follow and fellowship with Him and His truth/law in the light by the spirit!

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