His Law in Our Heart and Mind in Jesus’ Great Sermon

Yesterday’s message is confirmed again.  Thank you Holy Spirit, you are such a great teacher!  I am reminded of our Sermon on the Mount study in Matthew 5-7.  In the quick summary below, notice that God’s law and truth stand….Yeshua fulfills God’s law….God’s law is to be in our heart and mind….it should regulate our behavior, focus, and goals….motivated by love.

Matthew 5 begins with our foundation in uniting in Yeshua Jesus to restore relationship with the Father and be empowered by His Holy Spirit.  It has everything to do with changing our heart, our focus, our mind. Yeshua Jesus moves on in verses 13-16 to instruct us to be salt and light in the world (preserving truth and exposing darkness).  Our union with Him should not be without effect.

Verses 17-20 tell us that Yeshua did not do away with the law (which is forever and not one part should be removed), but rather He fulfills God’s Law. Then, He continues by breaking down murder, adultery, divorce, making oaths, and revenge according to religious law and revealing that God’s Law is even higher!  Yeshua says that having these things in your heart and mind is just as bad.  He begins to teach about loving even your enemies, helping the needy, praying to the Father, fasting, and building heavenly treasures……adding do not worry about earthly things.  He is renewing our minds to look on our heart and not just live by rules.

In Matthew 7: 1-23 Yeshua tell us to not judge others.  We are not the Father and we cannot know someone else’s heart.  Judging is His responsibility.  Just work on keeping my own mind and heart right.  Ask, seek, knock of the Father.  Fellowship with Him.  He gives good gifts.  Love Him in priority and love others as yourself.  Go through God’s narrow gate (Yeshua who is the Way, the Truth, the Life)  and walk on His narrow road (His truth, His law, His instructions, His righteousness).  Set your mind and heart on His Way and His Word.  AND be on guard because there are false prophets and false disciples who will try to take you off of His Way, His Word, His narrow road by deceit and cunning twisted truth that appeals to what we would like to hear….not to mention the temptations of the world and those still in it.  Building on the Rock, listening and learning His Word/Way, and actually abiding and living it out takes focus and effort!

Yeshua Jesus concludes in Matthew 7: 24-29 by saying that if you hear His words and practice them, then it will be like building your house on a Rock and it will be able to sustain the storms of life.  Why would we listen to Him and practice what He says?  Because we love and trust Him….He is our Father.  This concept is even foreshadowed in the 10 Commandments when He instructs children to honor/obey their father and mother….and their days would go well with them and they could find long life in it.

We are not saved by obeying laws, but we obey His laws, instructions, words, way, standards because we love Him.  We should be hiding His Word in our minds and hearts.  He is to be in our heart and in our minds!  He is our God and we are His people!  If we have the attitude that law, repentance, obedience, etc. are bad words or no longer for today, then we have been deceived.  Time to start listening to some truth in love….all provided by His grace.


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