Sure HOPE in Yeshua Jesus

If you are really in need of help…desperately…and you have come to the end of all you can do or anything anyone else can do…where do you turn for help?  Who is able?  Who do you really trust?  Who can you really put your HOPE in for real help?  Do you really think non-living gods or religious systems can help?  How much can cultural traditions really do?  What happens when science or education do not have an answer?  Who and what do you really believe and trust to get you through desperate times…and actually get overcoming results?

Choose you this day…so you are well prepared in times of trouble.  And if you think there is no trouble in the world that needs overcoming, then you are either very young or blind or deluded  I believe there is only one Rock solid choice with any real HOPE and assurance and promise…Jesus the Savior!  You can know Him if you seek Him!  I know Him and I know he is Truth and Victory over evil, sin, and death! SEEK HOPE TRUST in Yeshua Jesus!

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