Is America Evil?

Is America evil?  Is America worldly? Is America Christian?  How does God see America?  How does God see the world?  Is there any hope for America?  I would like to share with you what I posted on Facebook this morning.  It came in 3 inter-related messages.  We need to see the reality of where we live…and know our enemy.

In school, we learned that America was the great melting pot.  But, in a melting pot, everything melts together to become one.  People who immigrated to become American citizens had chosen to leave their old lives behind and begin to adapt to the American culture, laws, and language…as good American citizens.  I think America is now more like a divided sectional dinner plate.  We are no longer one culture with common values.  Instead we have become many separate cultures with separate identities trying to live together.  This has happened under good sounding intentions of global love, peace, individuality, ethnic expression, freedom, and tolerance.  But does that mean American needs to lose its identity as a Christian nation with Biblical values?  What can we expect if we leave God out?  Also, remember, a house divided against itself cannot stand.  I am concerned that America has been infiltrated and mesmerized…and wonder if there is still a way back as a nation  I know there is a way back as a Christian…it is called repentance and new life IN Christ Jesus.  Jonah had no hope for Nineveh, but God did!

Do you ever look into the spiritual realm?  Do you even know that our fight is against principalities and powerful beings in the spiritual dimension?  Do you know what weapons they use against us?  Have you seen their spiritual darkness that blinds our eyes even on an earthly sunny day?  Strong delusion!  Lies that sound good and to be desired, even promoted as moral.  Deception.  Propaganda.  Infiltration.  Distraction.  Fell good attractions and entertainment.  What I want and want now.  Self survival.  Self focus.  Chaos. Confusion. Division.  Busy going to and fro.  Think only positive. Do not see the ugly or painful or depressed or hungry or poor or forgotten or anxious.  Join the crowd and dance.  Shop tiil you drop.  What prevents you from looking closely into life spiritually?  Do we see the darkness or is focusing on the sun blinding us to reality?  Many choose the sunbathing lifestyle…but be careful, too much sun burns.

Still more coming…..Before you write me off as a negative nancy or worry wort….remember Ecclesiastes 3…..there is a time for everything….a time to dance and a time to mourn.  What do you think Jonah’s message to Nineveh sounded like?  Have you ever read in the Old Testament what the prophets said in loving warning to the straying people of Israel and Judah?  What did John the Baptist preach?  What did Paul and Peter preach?  See the ugly nature of sin and REPENT!  It starts with mourning but ends in a joyful dance of new life!  Repentance…willing to acknowledge sin and confess it and turn away from it in sorrow with public confession and a committed turn to following of Jesus leads to real joy and peace and love!  That is how God turns mourning into dancing!  America needs to repent…one-on-one with Jesus!  (Another reminder – the wheat and tares grow together until harvest time.)

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