Can I Ask in Hope for Earthly Material Things? Part 4

We are still asking, “Can I Ask in Hope for Earthly Material Things?”  Good question…the answer is yes and no.  Think through this with me.

If I am asking God for a specific hope, then is what I am asking like His character and what does He say about it in His Word?

Start at the foundation.  The first commandment is to have no other idols above God.  So, is this hope an idol in my life of higher priority than God?  Second commandment to check….in order to get this hope, do I need to step on and manipulate others, or cheat to get it OR will it help me to love and help others?  If this specific hope cannot meet these two criteria; then, that hope cannot be in God.

Next, examine if this hope fits His character and attitudes.  Does it help me express or use the fruits of the spirit?  Does it help me to do what He has called me to do?  Does it help me to serve others?  Is it based on a real need?  Or is it based on my own comforts and pleasures of the flesh?  Does it distract me from doing God’s work in my life? Do I have this hope so that I can boost my own ego and pride?  Do I have this hope so others will think more highly of me?  Or does this hope reflect the glory of God and His work in my life?

An example of these things is found in the parable of the Master and his 3 servants.  He gave them each monetary supplies to do his work while he was away.  He gave them money and responsibilities according to what he knew they were able to handle.  Two of them multiplied what was given, but the third just buried the money and returned the original amount to the Master.  This third man explains that he thought the Master to be a demanding task-master who reaped where he did not sow.  That servant did NOT know his master!  Nor was he thankful for what the master made available to him as opportunity.  Plus, he let his laziness and fear rule over his mind and actions.  The Master asks, “so you think you know me and this is who you think I am?”…. and he takes what little the third servant had and gives it to those who will use it.  And then he throws out that unfaithful servant.  So, what does this say to you about what you hope and ask God for?  Do you intend to be responsible with His “stuff” to do His business?  Do you even know Him and His business? Are you thankful for the opportunities He gives you?

Is that specific hope you want to pray and ask for passing these tests?

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