Knowing Truth ( A Worldview)

A worldview is a person’s conception of the world or philosophy of life…it is what a person believes to be true and real. There are many worldviews.  How do you know your worldview is actually in reality the truth?

Are you sure you know the truth? How can you be sure?

How important is it to you to know real truth?  Is it important enough for you to spend time searching for it?  If you are not searching for truth, what is the source of what you believe?  What are you believing?  Who are you  believing?  Why?

We have noted that what we believe to be true is called our worldview (our view of the world…how we interpret what we see and experience around us).  How do we get our worldview?  Well, usually from our parents, school teachers, peers, work place, media, religion, etc.  Are we supposed to just trust these sources?  Or is knowing truth important enough to check things out ourselves? Can we test our worldview?  How?

There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom.  Knowledge is more like knowing facts about “stuff”.  Wisdom is like looking deeper beyond the observable facts….like as a principle or moral standard.  Most educational systems focus on knowledge with some training for good moral conduct.  Parenting usually has more influence on our philosophical worldview.

Many people think once they complete high school or college, their training in knowledge and wisdom is over.  They have graduated into adulthood and training time is over.  Subconsciously, they think they are now adults and it is time to just go out into the world and do the best they can with what they’ve got.  If they live like the world around them or maybe even a little better, then all is OK. But, is that really the end of the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and truth? Or do we really need to make time to know more? Does it really matter?  It does when you realize that your worldview highly affects your choices and how you live out your life!

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