How Does My Worldview Affect the Way I Live?

First, let’s look at worldview and how it works by examples.

If I am a Christian, then when I walk through nature and view its beauty, I may likely thank God my Creator.  But, if I have an atheist or agnostic worldview, then I may marvel at how nature and living things can evolve into such beauty.  This experience could drive the Christian into closer fellowship with God, but it could drive the atheist into pursuing the study of biology and natural evolution.  We make life decisions based on what we believe to be true.

Sometimes worldviews share things in common.  For example, a Christian may decide to not steal because that conforms to his/her Biblical moral code.  An agnostic humanist may also decide to not steal because that conforms to his/her humanist moral code.  Both share the same truth concerning stealing, so both make the same choice; even though they have different worldviews.

Religion has an intense and passionate affect on a person’s worldview. That is because religious beliefs are based on ideals that are believed to be higher than any person or anything in this earthly world…..someone or something more powerful.  If a person believes in a higher spiritual dimension, then they are more likely to try to live according to the rules of that higher power.  Therefore, a person’s beliefs concerning spiritual things is of major significance.  If a person does not believe in a higher spiritual dimension, they are likely going to make decisions based on what they can sense only on this earth.

A very good resource on worldviews is “Understanding the Times” by David A. Noebel.  Another good source is “How Should We Then Live – the rise and decline of western thought and culture” by Francis Schaeffer.  I highly recommend both resources!  You likely can find some information under these titles by searching then on the internet.

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