Examples of How Religious Worldview Affects How We Live

Let’s begin by considering the example of holding a Christian worldview.   If I am a Christian, I am going to try to learn Biblical morals and standards to live by.  I will also believe that when I fail, I have forgiveness in Jesus who came as the Father Creator’s only begotten Son to save us from our sins.  I will believe that Jesus is the Messiah/Savior promised to come from the seed of Abraham.  I will believe that when I die, He will come to take me to heaven to live with Him forever.  Those who do not believe in Jesus will go to hell.

If I really believe this, then my actions in life should correspond to following Jesus.  But, if I have not pursued knowledge and wisdom in what Jesus thinks and knowing His ways, how will I know how to follow Him?  For that reason, many Christians study the New Testament to learn about Jesus, His Words, and His ways.  In that way, they can live out the Christian worldview.

While this is basic, there are many “kinds” of Christian faiths and denominations based on different doctrines or beliefs. So, not all Christians live exactly the same…. making the same decisions. Some Christians today are taught that they do not need to know anything else except that Jesus is the Savior and from there to live like the world and in the world being as good as they know to be…believing that is all that counts.  Evangelistic Christians desire that the whole world be Christian and make efforts to evangelize and unify. Devote Christians will be willing to die for their faith. What a person believes determines how they live….what they do.

Muslims are going to study their religious books (the Koran) as standards to live by.  They believe that they are also descendents of Abraham through Ishmael.  They believe Allah is the only Father God.  They believe Jesus was a prophet.  They believe Mohammed was the greatest prophet.  They are waiting for the Mahdi to come as Savior.  They believe that a man is higher than and owns women. There are different kinds of Muslims who follow differing doctrines….so not all Muslims make the same decisions in life.  Many believe the whole world should be Muslim and live under Sharia law. A devote Muslim will be willing to die for their faith. What a person believes determines how they live….what they do.

Jews are going to study their holy books.  Orthodox Jews will study the Torah meaning the first five books of the Old Testament. Other Jews include other holy books like the Talmud which was written during the Jewish captivity in Babylon and Oral Law.  Both groups believe in Yahweh as only Creator Father God. Both groups see themselves as God’s only chosen people and as being the descendents of Abraham through the promised son Isaac. Neither group believes Yeshua Jesus was the promised Messiah.  They are still waiting for their promised Savior.  They still promote living under the law of Moses.  Some Jews believe they are God’s chosen people and destined to rule the world under Noahide law.  A devote Jew will be willing to die for their faith. What a person believes determines how they live….what they do.

People of Eastern religion (Buddhist, Hindu, Shintoism, Taoism, Confucianism, etc.) study their own religious books as guides for their life.  They typically believe in many gods.  They often do not have much trouble adding another god when evangelists convince them that another one exists.  Many believe in reincarnation and that greatly affects how they live.  Their belief that a person can come back as an animal has influence on how they treat animals.  Their belief that a person can come back poor as penalty for something done in the previous life gives them less reason to help the poor.  They are also devoted to their faith which is evidenced by their extensive prayers and offerings. What a person believes determines how they live….what they do.

Consider an atheist worldview where they believe there is no higher power or god.  They are more likely to study educational scientific knowledge…as there is no higher knowledge.  Those with conscience and compassion will make decisions to follow a humanistic moral code.  Those without conscience and compassion will become self focused and tend towards greed, wealth, pride, power, worldly success, and entertainment. Depending on the “moral code” they were taught, trained in, or what they eventually came to believe in, they could be hero or villain. It is their human prerogative to determine what is right or wrong, what is good or bad, what they want…as there are no real rules…no higher authority concerning my choices, my decisions, and my actions. What a person believes determines how they live….what they do.

So, the worldview you have IS important!  Next big question is ….

Does it matter which one is really true?  They cannot all be true, right?  How do we find out what is really true?  That is the BIG question in life!  And it is also the BIG question concerning life after death!  For which worldview are you willing to live your life and/or risk your life now and into eternity?

If you are already convinced that Christianity is true, do you know what that worldview represents and demands concerning how to live in the world?  If you say you are a Christian and claim a Christian worldview, but do NOT live by its standards and principles, you would be called a hypocrite!  Ouch!  Do you still just want to float along and not know what is really true?  Truth is vital!!!

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