Is the Christian Worldview True?

Let’s imagine that we have examined all the main worldviews and come to the conclusion that the Christian worldview is the truth in reality.

We have decided that everything else (other religions including humanism) has inconsistency, mythology, disconnection with reality, twisted words, or even lack of compassion and free choice.  We may have ruled out atheism because we cannot think everything came about without a Designer…. from the smallest particle to the infinite universe!  Maybe we have had a Christian upbringing  or spiritual experience to convince us of the validity of the Christian worldview.

In other words, we have come to the conclusion that there really does exist a Supreme Almighty Father God Creator, who has an only begotten Son in Yeshua Jesus, who He sent to the world to redeem His created people and earth… back from an evil mutinous spiritual being (Satan) who tricked and deceived his way into getting authority over people and the earth.  AND once the Son paid the ransom price for sin (which is death), He was resurrected and returned to His Father and then sent His Holy Spirit to stand alongside His people until the promised time of His return to rule and reign in righteousness on earth over all people!  AND the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit left us instructions on right ways to think and to live through His Word, the Bible!  That would be choosing a Christian worldview.

BIG question….Can all worldview be true?  What if worldviews hold opposing principles or doctrines? Are some worldviews better than others?  Well yes, the one that is really true is the best one.  Right? Who wants to live a lie? Who wants to live for a cause that does not really exist or is not truly right?  How do you know your Christian worldview is really the true one?

NEXT BIG question….Are some cultures better than others?  Whoa…hold on there.  I have been taught that all cultures are equal, valid, and valuable, right?   But, is that true?  What does that question do to the way you view things? Do you really believe the Christian worldview is absolute truth?  Why?

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