Christian Worldview – Always Right?

If Christianity is God’s worldview and the actual truth in reality, then it must be always right (righteous and just) and the best worldview to believe and live.  Well, the Christian worldview is always right…. if the Christian individual’s view is in line with the truth of God’s worldview and Word.  God has the absolutely true and right worldview.  He is never wrong and He never fails.  He never changes.  He is absolute truth.  He has given us His Word (the Bible) to teach us the true and real Christian worldview. He created everything and knows how it should work. But today, many Christians say they have a “Christian” worldview, but they actually have a mixture of worldviews.

A person claiming a Christian worldview can be in error due to deception, corruption, tolerance, lack of knowledge, and infiltration of his/her thoughts.  I understand that “none is perfect, not one”, but our goal should be to be as close to God’s worldview as possible.  Yet, in truth, we know that not everything a Christian believes and thinks is always right.  Thank the Lord for repentance!

Consider this.  If the American culture says it is a “Christian” nation, does that mean America is always right?  Obviously, NO!  For example, the true Christian worldview following the Word of God holds that life begins at conception (example in Psalm 139 where David says God knew him and fashioned him in his mother’s womb), yet America endorses abortion. The Word of God says homosexuality is a sin, and therefore immoral and unacceptable behavior….and will destroy (Romans 1: 26-32, Jude 1:7).   Yet, America condones and supports homosexuality…giving access and expression to both as being acceptable.  If American still claims a Christian worldview, then America is hypocritical or deceived.

If American Christians follow this American example, they too are hypocritical (deceived or disobedient) in attending church on Sunday to worship God, but rejecting His Word on how to live the rest of the week in thought and actions.  Ouch!

This same situation happened to the Israelites in the Old Testament.  The Israelites, God’s chosen people, had ignored God’s warning about marrying people from cultures of paganism.  Note that God did allow marrying outside of Israelite culture if that person was willing to become Israelite and be “grafted in”…males by circumcision, females by marriage, and bond slaves.  But, they married pagan women and allowed them to continue in their pagan worship.  Idols soon covered the Promised Land.  Society began celebrating pagan feasts and celebrations together until they became traditional.  They were bringing their offerings and worship to Yehweh on the Sabbath and the rest of the week praying to and celebrating paganism!  Their worldviews got mixed together and corrupted.  Prophets like Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Hosea, and Amos warned the people that if they did not repent and turn away from their idols to follow God, there was only destruction ahead.  But, they only rejected and persecuted the prophets.  God calls His chosen people of mixed allegiance…..a harlot!  Ouch!

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