America – The Melting Pot

The popular assumption and what I was taught in school is that America should be proud to be the “melting pot” of the world.  We esteem “Lady Liberty” who welcomes immigrants from every culture (every worldview and lifestyle). What do you think about public expression and promotion of multiple cultural worldviews in America?  What do you think about social inclusion and social justice?  Do we have the same level of social inclusion and social justice for illegal immigrants as we do for legal immigrants who have made allegiance to being American citizens?  What does the Bible say about close intimate friendships and relationships with people of other worldviews and cultures?  Maybe we should check a Christian worldview on some of these issues.

We have already considered some thoughts on the Christian worldview concerning globalism, cultural socialism, individuality, and unity.  What happens when a nation tries to function as one when its people have multiple worldviews – cultures, religions, and languages?  America now is one nation with mixed cultures.  We have people with a similar worldview and culture separating out and grouping together in organizations, politics, movements, or even community localities.  When issues arise in the nation, people become divided due to this mixture and division.  It seems to me that we no longer have an “American” society and culture base with which everyone tries to identify…. once they become an American citizen.  Instead, we have allowed each culture to abide in America keeping its own original form; thus, we have become one nation with many cultures and social norms.  We are no longer “melting” in our pot to become one.  We are more like a cabinet with many drawers where each kind stays in its own drawer….one unit with separate drawers.


Mark 3:25, “And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”  Amos 3:3, “Can two walk together, unless they are agreed.”

There is one thing that can unify all people of all cultures and languages… is the gospel of Yeshua Jesus and becoming a member of His family and kingdom.  In that case, all are adjusting their thoughts and lives to ONE WAY in Yeshua Jesus and the Christian worldview.  This Christian family love supersedes differences and unites all under one common cause and common standards. Have you ever met a Christian from another culture and only a short time later find your fellowship is already close and easy?

Historically, the majority of American people were trying to think, live, and promote the Christian worldview. Immigration, charity, and relief for the poor worked because those incoming people were changing their lives to adapt to “becoming” American in thought, word (English), and deed.  They expected to learn a new language, to work hard, and to learn to “fit in” with American Christian culture to take advantage of the opportunities of American citizenship.

Today, immigrants come refusing to change and adapt.  They do not intend to turn from their past culture/ways towards becoming “American”.  And America is even allowing some into our country who hate America and secretly are infiltrating for her destruction!  Remember the Trojan horse tactic?

In claiming humanitarian motives, America even provides economic advantages to illegal immigrants that are paid for by its legal citizens.  Yet, we hear this is due to “social inclusion” and “social justice”.  We are to redistribute the wealth for social equality, social justice, global peace, and unity.  We are told this is the “American way”.

Sounds to me like a deceptive and mixed message resulting in a mess.  We have results like division, protests, partisan politics, gang wars, terrorism, rioting, etc.  As Christians we are to love all people from all nations, but does that mean we dismiss national uniform goals and standards?  Does that mean we must change our democratic government to socialism?  Are we willing to stand up and promote the Christian worldview standards that represented America in the past?  Is that being hateful?  Is being nice and tolerant better? What should we do then?  Next time……

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