Does Knowing What is Actually True Really Matter?

A person’s worldview is what they believe to be true.  But just because someone really believes something does not mean it is always true.  We have all experienced being totally convinced about something only to find out we were wrong.  Reality tells us that no one is perfect. Logic tells us that we cannot all be right.  Right?

Knowing what is actually true and absolute reality IS very crucial and of utmost importance!  It affects how we live now.  And if eternity is really true, what I believe determines where I live eternally.  It is logical that I would want to live in harmony with whoever is the real authority.  This is especially true if absolute reality includes eternity, the next life, or even as some believe reincarnation.  Yet, even here on earth, it is always best to KNOW the actual real TRUTH! Right?

What if in actual truth there is NO life after death?  What if the atheist is right? If living here and now is all there is, then we better think it right and do it right NOW!  If this is all there is, then wouldn’t it be logical for us to enjoy it as much as possible?  Wouldn’t it be really important to search out and work towards our priorities seriously?  Should I choose to live for my own gain and pleasure or should I choose the higher humanitarian goal of living for others…or some combination of both?  What is my motivation?  What do I believe?  What is my worldview?

But, what if actual reality is that there IS life after death?  Then, which God and which eternity is really real?  What if I am believing the wrong religious worldview?  If there really is in actual truth a heavenly paradise and a burning hell for eternal life…then I want to be sure I am headed for the heavenly paradise!  Right? Eternity is an unimaginable long time!  Is there really a Supreme Being or Source to consider besides myself and other people around me?

Is knowing truth important?

How do you find out what is really true?

Why do you believe what you do?

Do I believe in life after physical earthly death and a real future life in eternity?

Who is God?

Who am I?

What is the purpose of all of this?

These worldview questions will affect how you choose to live now!

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