Finding Truth Requires Searching – My Search

Many people do not search for truth.  They just believe what they were told and try their best to live it out.  They just kind of “absorbed” a worldview.  I hope I have convinced you by now that floating through life without the search for truth is NOT a good option. Are you willing to risk your life on trusting what someone told you?

What if what you were told was wrong?  What if you are making wrong choices and decisions because you are operating from a perspective that is not actually true?  Are you willing to fail because you did not take the time to know and learn the truth.  Are you willing to live naïve and in ignorance? If you do not know, how can you really help anyone else?  You could be doing something wrong, immoral, harmful, or causing failure because you do not know any better…you do not know the truth.  Following a lie or scam leads to destruction.  We should be driven to know the truth!  It requires time and effort, but anything of any value does!  Do not fool yourself.

I was raised in a Christian home.  But upon going to college and encountering people of various religions and worldviews, I decided to learn more about what they believed.  I read a book on religions and had discussions with people concerning their beliefs.  I was trying to see if their thoughts lined up with logic or reality in life experience.  I encountered the worldly culture which says there are no rules …so live like you want (Hippie generation).  In my college classes, the globalist humanist perspective was taught as truth. It sounded professional and pleasant.  At the University of Minnesota, I ran into people from other cultures and religions as well.

Eventually, by study and experience, I learned how these other worldviews would lead to destroying life.  So, I determined that I needed to search for the real truth and foundations of my Christian faith.  I came back to Jesus and His Word (the Bible) as my guide.

I had known Him since a young child by the instruction and example of my mother.  When I was about 5 years old, I remember talking with Him as I sat on our back steps.  I knew He was real then, and I needed that back.  It was time to start talking with Him again.

I was led on a journey to the point where I pledged my total self and life to Jesus as if I was “marrying” Him with no “until death do us part”, but rather “until death and I join Him face to face”!  I experienced what Jesus called being “born again” into a new intimate relationship, a new life with a new worldview.  I was ready to give up any “old way” necessary.  I was “all in”…and determined to KNOW Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit intimately and do my best to follow and live in their Word and ways! My search was “on”.

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