The Word – He is Creator. He is Truth. He is Reality.

Creation and nature shout the reality of God, the Creator.  From the known reality of the minute DNA code that makes me uniquely who I am to the expanse of a massive expanding universe; the true reality is that this natural world cannot have happened in an organized, structured, programmed creation…. all by itself and all by chance.  It required a Creator and a plan.  Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  Complex reality reveals truth.

Could anyone believe that a computer code could randomly assemble itself into something with a specific message….operational and usable?  Could a tornado rip through an auto junk yard and produce a working vehicle?  A book assumes an intelligent author wrote it. Is it logical to think a one celled organism can just spontaneously develop in a pool of water to eventually become a living human being with complicated and unique DNA strands?  Is it logical to think the universe can just explode and our solar system is thus created with earth in the exact place necessary for human life…and the other planets are so positioned to benefit earth?

And beyond that…everything had to start from something….what was the original source of it all! Look at nature and the human body and tell me if you honestly can think it did NOT all require a Designer and Creator!  Evolutionists claim you cannot prove a Creator, but check it out and they also cannot prove evolutionist theory either!  If humans evolved from apes, then there should be vast skeletal remains showing the generations of change.  We find many dinosaur fossils!  Right? But they cannot solidly find the “missing link” fossils for evolutionary humans.

Actually, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is the universal law of decay….everything disintegrates over time, dies, and returns to dust. This is actually he same principle of the Bible.  Our bodies were created from dust and to dust we return. In reality, nothing physically improves with age. This alone should give us second thoughts about the theory of evolution.

Why do I care about evolution or creation?  Because, Christians have been sold a foundational lie in order to mix up their Christian worldview.  They have been told that it is OK to believe that God created, but just that He used evolution.  They have been told that the Genesis accounts of Adam and Eve are mythological stories and not about actual people. It is all an effort to get us to second guess God’s Word or add to it.

God is the beginning and He is the Creator.  He created man in His own image and likeness.  That makes people a special life being both spiritually and physically!  This is foundational to our faith!  It is foundational to our worldview!  If we compromise this, we start building on shaky ground.  We did not evolve from animals, we were created beings in His image and likeness!  His intent was to have children to love…not animals for pets…or robot workers to enslave!  God loves people!  That is what makes us special, meaningful, and purposeful!  Truth in reality establishes me with a good foundation of faith.

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