In Truth – We Have a Creator Who Loves Us

Have you ever run into the alien theory that humans were “seeded” here on earth by alien beings?  If “alien being” means a non-human, unearthly being, then that is true!  But, the “alien” who created humans is not a “little green man” or “reptile looking man”. We have a Supreme Creator who created us out of love to be His family; and made us in His image and likeness!

In the beginning…..Father, Son, and Holy Spirit planned and determined to create man and creation together…..and then they did it!  They knew what would develop in ages to come and their own personal sacrifices required in order to accomplish their plan. But, their intense love and desire for family set their hearts and minds to carry on and follow through.

Human people were made in the Father’s image and likeness.  Humans would be His children, His family.  He would teach them and lead them into all righteousness – right and good ways of living and doing.  They would rule in their kingdom on earth as He ruled in His kingdom in heaven.  He prepared a place perfect for His people.  He did all this knowing they would leave Him and follow Satan (His adversary) to their destruction.  The Son knew from the foundation of the world that He would be their Savior and Lord (Ephesians 1:4, 1 Peter 1:20, Hebrews 9:26).  The Holy Spirit knew His part and endurance in the mission also.  But, they also knew the victory in the end!  Their infinite love stood firm and faithfully advanced.  He will never fail!

Today, we have the offer in Yeshua Jesus to return and be His people, His family.  This is the basis of our Christian worldview.  We believe it is based in what is actual truth in reality!  That is why we agree with Yeshua Jesus when He says He is the ONLY way to the Father.  We must stand in this truth IF we hold the Christian worldview!  We cannot tolerate or condone other religions.  We do acknowledge people’s right to choose the wrong way. But, we cannot compromise the Word of God.  We cannot follow the world that says….”always be nice”, “tolerate everyone and everything”, “all things are relative”, “be a humanistic compassionate globalist”, “all religions should unite in peace under one Supreme Being”, “there are many ways to god, higher consciousness, and states of being”….or even think that “it is OK if you choose to NOT believe in God or His Word”.  Those thoughts are deception and lies….not truth and reality.

And if we think we are “nice” and “understanding” to let people go down that wide road without warning them, then we are NOT truly loving or compassionate!  We must stand firm and speak the truth in love! The gospel of Yeshua Jesus is a LOVE letter!  Do not let your thoughts be twisted or corrupted by words that look and sound good.  God’s Word is Truth.  God’s Word is good!  God’s Word is real!

Are you personally convinced now that Father, Son Yeshua Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are in reality and truth the ONLY real and true God, Supreme Creator?  Are you willing to be part of the kingdom of heaven, part of their family? If you have not yet turned AWAY from the world’s ways which are now fallen into Satan’s domain and INTO a committed relationship with Yeshua Jesus and His kingdom of heaven, then now is a good time to repent and change direction, to come under new “headship”!  It is time to get “invested” and “immersed” in Yeshua Jesus!

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