True and Responsible Speaking in Tongues

Whenever God has something true and good, Satan will be sure to bring the thoughts that it does not exist, that it is extreme, or that it does not apply to me.  If that does not work, he will gladly provide a counterfeit or an abuse of the gift.  This is the same with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and gift of speaking in tongues in prayer.  Let me give some warning so you do not end up in error.  Everything must stand on the foundation of God’s Word, the Bible.

I learned there are “rules” in God’s Word concerning the use of this gift of speaking in an unknown language.  Read 1 Corinthians 14. This gift can be abused and misused like any other gift and talent. Satan is a great counterfeiter!

When I first started using this gift, I did not check out God’s Word to learn the “rules” and “guidelines” that would keep me from operating it in error or under deception.  I was just following people who said they knew all about it.  So, I got “fooled”!  I thought everyone who “spoke in tongues” must also be baptized and indwelt with the Holy Spirit.  WRONG!  We must be Word followers and not people followers.  Satan has a counterfeit to resemble the God given gift of “speaking in tongues”.

Let me warn you that experience and feelings NEVER supersede the scriptural truth in God’s Word!  When I received the “born again” baptism of repentance into relationship with Jesus and then the Holy Spirit baptism into relationship with the Holy Spirit, I had already heard God’s Word and truth concerning the availability of both!  I was founded in knowing scriptural truth first….the seed of God’s Word had already been planted in my heart.  Coming to know the real Father, Yeshua Jesus, and Holy Spirit always lines up with the Word of God (the Bible).  You need to know the truth to truly be set free from Satan’s rule and counterfeit evil! (John 8:32)

If you do not know God’s Word in truth, Satan can twist it to get you to receive His counterfeit spirit.  He often comes as an “angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14).  There are “familiar spirits” who can give people euphoric spiritual experiences, who can also come into people’s minds, hearts, and lives…but to no good.  Who we open ourselves up to is who we will actually be serving, even if we are deceived into following them.  And we will believe and follow the worldview they teach and preach. So, being “open minded” and “open hearted” is not always a good thing.  The question is, “Who and what are you opening yourself to?”

This is one of the grave dangers in meditation, yoga, hypnotism, and New Age spirituality.  But, it has also entered into the charismatic church. An example of this is the Kundalini spirit.  Previously, it worked primarily in Hinduism.  It can manifest itself in people by making them trance like, having emotional sensations, euphoric or enlightened feelings, involuntary jerking or shaking, energy rushes, awakened senses, sensing increased body heat or a cool breeze, feelings of extreme love, temporary removal of pain, etc.  Dancing, repetition of words, music, and bright lights can bring the presence of this spirit and then leads to closed eyes and an inward state of “pure bliss”.

I believe many of today’s Charismatic churches, conferences, assemblies, and meetings are being deceived and operating in these counterfeit spirits instead of in the Holy Spirit.  Be warned, all that is spiritual is not from God the Father, Yeshua Jesus, and the true Holy Spirit.

One immediate sign in recognizing the presence of a “familiar counterfeit spirit” is the corporate use of “speaking in tongues” publicly.  There are very specific rules about “speaking in tongues” in God’s Word.  “Speaking in tongues” is primarily for the purpose of personal prayer in praying the mysteries of God, unknown to self, yet for edification.  Only some are gifted with speaking in tongues publicly and then only with interpretation (1 Corinthians 12:30).  It is NOT to be a joint effort where all speak together in prayer or song.  It is not a joint method of worship to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Check out 1 Corinthians 14.   It is a personal prayer language OR it is only to be spoken by one person at a time when used with the accompanying gift of interpretation of tongues.  Yet, I have also seen the counterfeit of a Charismatic preacher speaking in tongues and then claiming to interpret them himself!  Satan is a good counterfeiter.  We are encouraged to ALWAYS TEST the spirits (1 John 4:1) so that we do not follow false prophets.

So for me, “speaking in tongues” is now limited to my personal prayer and praise time.  It remains for me an evidence of the Holy Spirit in me and working through me….that bypasses my own limitations and understandings.  I find comfort in that He can work things out together for good through my prayers and praises, even when I myself am mentally limited in knowing what to pray for as I ought.  If you now know the Holy Spirit and fellowship with Him in God’s Word, then be comforted in knowing that He will show you the true and living way!

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