Back To School

Spring is new beginnings.  Summer is a growing time and lots of family fellowship.  Fall brings us back to school.  Why do we send our kids to school?  To train them.  Why do we train them? So they can have a better life.  When we are born again in the kingdom of God, we also need training in righteousness for spiritual growth and maturity that we might have a better life.

Equipped with God’s Word, salvation in Yeshua Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit, we need to “clean house” of the old, begin training in the new life, and find truth!

We have been establishing the foundation of our worldview in Jesus and His Word.  We have come to know our Savior.  We have found the Bible to be absolute truth!  So, does that mean that everyone who says they are a “Christian” has a completely true Christian worldview?  Sorry, most of us are “messed up” in our thinking…so it is time to “clean up” that old worldview thinking of ours.

Many of us may think we know what Christianity stands for, but actually we may have never really studied God’s Word to be sure we are in truth.  How do we get “messed up” concerning truth anyway? We get confused by living in a fallen world…with an enemy and often by false or misled teachers, pastors, and evangelists.

We are all familiar with today’s warnings to not get “scammed”.   That is the same as the Bible’s warnings to not be “deceived”.   There are so many “con men” or misguided and confused people in the world…. in all areas of social, cultural, educational, and religious life.  Ultimately, know that we wrestle against principalities and powers…and Satan is behind it all.  Are you ignorant of the devices and tactics used to separate you from God and His Word?  If you are unaware, then you will easily be “scammed” (deceived).  We need to examine some of these evil tactics with some simple examples.  (I will continue this discussion in multiple posts…or it gets very long.)

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