Warning of Attack – Revelation 7 Churches

Satan’s attack pattern is pervasive throughout the Bible.  It started in the Garden of Eden and continues through the Last Days in Revelation.  The parable of the Sower and the Seed teaches and warns us about this attack pattern.  Jesus warning messages to the seven churches in the book of Revelation parallel His parable of the Sower and the Seed.  You might want to read Revelation 2-3.

Ephesus – lost their first love in close relationship with Jesus

Smyrna – persecution and martyrdom try to kill the church

Pergamum – man made doctrine infiltrates the church through false leaders and peoples’ ignorance

Thyatira – people become focused on the enticing ways of the world and are drawn away with enticing words and pleasure seeking

Sardis – Life becomes divided between the secular and religious systems.  Neither leads to life, both lead to death.

Philadelphia – A remnant remains to evangelize and bring true repentance and revival to people with the goal of reaching everyone in the world.  They bring true good fruit into the kingdom of God.

Laodicea – Many who remain in the ways of the world and the religious systems get lukewarm about their relationship with Jesus.  They are more focused on attaining success in the world and proud of all their accomplishments.

We can parallel the attacks taught in the Sower and the Seed with the warnings to the seven churches in Revelation….

Ephesus – the seed does not go deep into the heart of the earth and take root (no first love)

Smyrna – the birds come up to snatch the seed away and eat it  (persecution)

Pergamum – thorns grow up with the seed and choke it out (false doctrine)

Thyatira – the cares of the world and distractions prevent growth (worldliness)

Sardis – the sun scorches the plant and it is almost dead (no real faith or life in God)

Philadelphia – the seed has gone deep into the soil and is growing with perseverance and endurance and producing fruit  (real faith and real fruit)

Laodicea – this is the seed that falls on the rocky soil, not alive or dead, not hot or cold… (lukewarm or hard heart towards God)

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