Same Attack Patterns – New Testament Church

You may not be surprised to know that the New Testament church has also gone through these same stages of attack!

Ephesus – the early church began with great love and faith in Jesus, but got more focused on works of evangelism and forgot to mainly focus on close relationship with Jesu.

Smyrna – great persecution and martyrdom of the church causes scattering and tests faith with some falling away

Pergamum – the Christian church becomes organized into the Holy Roman Catholic church which compromises itself with paganism to join power forces with the Roman Empire, especially Emperor Constantine.

Thyatira – this comes into the time of humanism and the Age of Enlightenment, but also the time of the great Reformation.  Humanistic enlightenment begins to separate religious life from secular life.

Sardis – the Christian church becomes systematized and divided by denominations.  It becomes ritualized and formalized.  These people come close to spiritual death.

Philadelphia – the remnant who are truly faithful rise up in missionary work.  Repentance and revival in the spirit and love of Jesus is their goal.  Some say this carries over into the 1970’s Charismatic explosion of “being saved” and “baptism of the Holy Spirit” revivals.  People once again come into a true intimate love relationship with Jesus…..globally!

Laodicea – Many will not hear the Word of repentance and salvation, but rather are content with religious systems.  They are more concerned about worldly success and their own accomplishments in creating a comfortable and pleasurable world for themselves.  Religion is offered in options of traditional, social assemblies, or entertainment..but does not focus on and intimate relationship with Jesus..and therefore a changed life.

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