Today I am thinking about the commitment, determination, and courage needed to change.

Do you recall how Lot’s wife looked back on pagan and immoral Sodom and Gomorrah when warned not to and died?  Do you recall how Jacob’s beloved wife Rachel stole her father’s idols to bring them with her when they left Lot?  She must have considered them family treasures or maybe even worshiped them.  She did not want to give them up.  Consider that the Gentiles who Paul preached to were pagan in their own personal traditional beliefs and that of the culture they lived in.  Yet, he called them to repent and change.  What about the Jews who Peter preached to who would not change their religious views to believe in Jesus?

Real change requires a real change of convictions and beliefs in mind and heart. Real change results in real a real change in lifestyle, behavior, and actions.

Think about this…would you say the American culture embraces righteousness? Are you popular or do you fit in when you speak about and live out a determined life for Jesus?  Do you change and adapt your life to live like Jesus according to what the Bible says?  Do you really know what the Bible says?  Or do you just go along living like the world around you?

What if you were to find out that Halloween, Christmas, and Easter were not really Christian holidays, but rather pagan holidays…surrounded by deceit to get even Christians to celebrate with the world?  IF that is really true, could you change and give them up?  What would family and friends think?  Can you give up the fun times and festivities?  That is the kind of change the Christians in Paul’s day had to make.  They could no longer fit in and practice their pagan culture, worship idols, or celebrate pagan festivals.  They were persecuted for being different.

There are still people making those hard changes for Jesus today…especially in the Muslim and Communist nations…places where Christians are highly persecuted.

We must learn the Truth in following Jesus and then be committed, determined, and have courage to do it…live it.

What does our popular American culture accept and practice that does not follow God’s ways?  Are there any ways we are being deceived into thinking something is ok when it is not right?  As a follower of Jesus, am I learning what He says is right ans what I need to change?

Holy Spirit, teach us and help us to hear your voice…then give us the courage and strength to change!

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