From Brokenness to Restoration

Since Adam and Eve broke away from God in disobedience, all people and the whole world are in brokenness.  But praise and thanks to God who offers and is in the work of restoration!  He wants to restore relationship with every person and heal the brokenness!

But, in order to do that, He needs your agreement to renewed love and relationship with Him through your acknowledgement of sin and by personal repentance and commitment.  He desires to be our Father again!

We need to see our brokenness and how far away we have left Him and His ways.  That can be ugly and hard to look at.  But seeing that ugly brokenness leads us to search and ask for help.  We enter into repentance.

Jesus paid the penalty for sin and made the way to restoration.  Once awake to sin, we must break away from the world and follow a new living way…a new way to live!  In His love and grace, God has made the way for our brokenness to lead to the blessing of restored relationship with Him through our repentance a and continual loving, trusting, and following Jesus.  God’s character is love…and what an extraordinary and awesome gift that He desires to restore us to be His children…His family…His people!

Now, let’s continue to act like His children by following and practicing to live out His words and ways AND be willing to acknowledge when we fail, repent, and try again….that is called spiritual growth.  We are His workmanship created in Jesus to be like Jesus!  And He has given us a Teacher, Counselor, Coach in His precious Holy Spirit to help us learn and grow!  Are you in brokenness?  Look to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with a heart of repentance and willingness to change…and ask for restoration with your faith in Him  KEY WORDS…repentance and restoration with a humble awakening to our need for help.


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