Your Worldview

It seems to me that most people do not want to think.  They either just want to do what they want to do and what feels good…or they do what pleases other people or society and what they are told to do.  It seems to me that thinking people want to know what is really true and then choose freely to live by that truth!

Do you know and live by the real truth?  How do you know that what you think is the truth, really is the truth?  Would you bet our life that your idea of truth is right? Guess what?  Every day you are betting your life that what you believe in is true?  All of your choices and decisions are based on what you believe is true.  Everyone lives by what they really believe.

One good example is moral absolutes or moral relativity.  Do I follow defined morals that are true and consistent or are my morals defined by my feelings, desires, or the situation?

Your life choices and decisions will be determined by what you believe.  What you believe is called your worldview…your view of truth and reality in the world.  What is your worldview…the foundation of how you live?  Sadly, many people have never even defined their worldview.  They just float through life the best they can….sometimes following someone, organization, or society…or often independently without direction in much confusion and chaos.

What is your worldview?  How do you know what really is true?  Do I have your attention now?  Will you think about it?

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