The Christian Worldview

All worldviews fall under the human “self” as god and master controller, except true Christianity.  Only the true Christian worldview consists of  believing human nature begins from infancy as corrupted by sin and only God, through Jesus, can we be saved into righteousness, goodness, and right living. Finding out that human nature is corrupted from birth is bad news!  No one wants to hear that!  Babies look so sweet! Knowing everyone begins badly and that we cannot save ourselves requires us to humble ourselves to search for a Savior. Who wants to be humbled?

This worldview is based in Father as Creator, Jesus as Savior, and Holy Spirit as Counselor…and the focus is on who He says I am, what He thinks, and what He wants.  Our focus is on love and relationship, but not self-love.  He calls us to deny “self”, take up our cross, and follow Him.  It is not based on “my” good works either.

Therefore, what is true and right is based on what He says is absolutely true and right.  Finding this salvation requires repentance, which is a change of love and allegiance from myself or others to God.  It is no longer “I” who rule my life, but He who lives in me…and this is lived by love and faith in the only One who can save me and bring me real peace.  Jesus is the only One who saves and will be the only one to rule as King over a peace filled earth.  This worldview foundation starts out with bad news, but ends with the real, true Good News!

In reality, we can actually see the difference being a real Christian has on a person’s life.  Historically, we can see what true Christianity and absolute Christian morals contributed to the civilization of humans.  We can hear and see testimonies of  those who speak of changed lives after coming to know Jesus and becoming His disciple/follower.  We can even have our own experiential reality after becoming a child of God through Jesus.  We can actually find personal fulfillment, hope, and love…even in an evil world.  Jesus said we are in the world, but not to be of it.  And the really good news is that we are not doing this alone!  We do not need to depend just on “self”!  He has given us the Holy Spirit as our Helper!

If you are a Christian, then you are saying to yourself….well of course, I agree with the Christian worldview!  But, is that how you live?  Are your thoughts and actions really consistent with the true Christian worldview?  This is where chaos and confusion begin.  People want Jesus as their Savior, but they want to continue to live in the non-Christian worldview (humanism). They do not want to admit they are a sinner.  They do not want to learn or be trained by the Holy Spirit.  They do not want to change. They do not want to be different than most people around them.  Do you really want to know absolute Truth?

Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst for righteousness (right being and right doing): for they shall be filled.”

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