Is Knowing About Worldview Important?

Why is it important to learn about worldview?  Many people think they can have faith in God and that is enough to get them through life.  True, but unfulfilled faith at best.  But, if you learn about worldview, you will not get into as much trouble for which God will need to help you get out!  It is worth the time to think “deeply” about truth.  God asks us to follow Him and to meditate (think deeply) in His Word.

If you are without God and thinking you will get through life by your “self” knowledge and abilities, as well as accepting human help occasionally….then the study of worldviews may help you better understand others and why Christians believe what they believe.  You may also discover that there is logic and truth in what Christians believe.  But, you will not be getting God’s help unless you decide to ask Him for it.  The truth is that life in this world has struggles for everyone…so you are basically on your own.

If you are clear about worldviews, you will be better able to learn and experience applying your faith to righteousness (right being and right living).  You will not be a hypocrite in saying you believe one thing, but living contrary to what you say.  You will make better and more consistent decisions.  You will not be as easily confused, deceived, or distracted.  If you live in the true Christian worldview, you will not need to live in anxiety or fear. Your mind will live in peace.  God says that those in the non-Christian worldly worldviews, cannot understand the peace only God gives to His people (Philippians 4:7).  God loves you and desires you to live better in His truth!

I will continue to teach this study of worldview.  I encourage you to join me…for your own good, not mine.  It is a gift I offer.  I will try my best to share concisely what I have learned to be true.  I welcome you.

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