It Starts At The Beginning

The beginning of everything concerns how you answer the question… “Is there a god, and if so who is He?”  How do you answer that question?  It will affect what you believe to be true and how you live.

One example: Is God the Creator?  There is a huge battle between creationism (Christian worldview) and evolution (atheist humanist worldview).  Is man the creation of a Supreme Being or an accident of matter?  Some who are ignorant of worldviews or deceived choose to believe both…that God used evolution to create man.  That is stepping into chaos and confusion. James 1: 2-8 teaches us to stand in faith in God alone and that being double minded will make a person unstable.  At one time, I thought it did not matter what I believed about this issue, but was I wrong!

Genesis says that God created all the animals, each in its own kind (Genesis 1:21-25).  Separately, God created man in His own image and likeness (Genesis 1: 26-28) .  So, you cannot have a true Christian worldview according to God’s Word of truth and believe both creationism and evolution.  The true Christian worldview believes what God says or you believe something else.  God’s truth is absolute!  Man’s ideas are opinions.

No matter what you choose to believe about creation, it actually takes faith to believe all these “where did man come from” options!  No one can really prove the answer. There are scientists who embrace creationism ( and those who embrace evolution. We are often told that science is at odds with the Christian faith.  That is not true.  Many times, science proves that the Word of God in the Bible is true.  We choose by faith; whether to believe the theory of humanistic evolution or the theory of Christian creation.

Let me defend my Christian faith as scientific and logical.  It seems to me that creationism is much more plausible.  The odds of the earth exploding in a big bang and the human race evolving in slime are said to be the same as a tornado going through a junk yard and building a jet airplane or an intricate wrist watch!  We now know about DNA and the microscopic building of the human body.  And what are the odds that in this whole gigantic universe, this earth would be situated and supplied with all that is necessary for human life as well as its awesome beauty?   It is much more logical that it all required a designer and architect.  Plus, we know that in real life, everything degenerates with age, not evolves into an improved state….making evolution contrary to reality.

Science proves there is complexity built in the earth and in the human body.  A book requires an author.  A painting requires an artist.  A building requires an architect and builder.  Creation requires a Creator. And that is not all……

Geologists have found earth strata around the globe that reveal the “flood” lines of Noah.  Archeologists have discovered that the people and places in the Bible really did exist.  The Dead Sea scrolls are some of the most ancient validated manuscripts on earth.  The Bible is a cohesive whole even though it was written by many people over thousands of years.  The prophesies of the Old Testament were all fulfilled by Jesus in the New Testament.  That is astounding!

And finally, what I read in God’s Word matches the reality I experience in this world.  I find it logical and true.  He calls Himself our Heavenly Father full of grace and mercy…and we see how a good earthly parent who is made in His image can exemplify God’s character and will.  The Word is even called the Logos or logic/wisdom of God!

It seems to me that atheism and humanism stand in blind faith and take a larger leap than the Christian worldview.  Even if the big bang and evolution of man from a cell would be true, how and where did the original universe begin?  If you believe that there is no god and everything is an accident in chaos, then that is a huge leap of faith!  I find it interesting that now that “science” has been unable to prove evolution…and realize it is a leap of faith, they are now promoting the concept that earth was seeded by aliens.  Well, if an alien is a being who is not earthly and possibly from another dimension….then logically the Father God , Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are aliens!  They are getting closer to the truth.

What difference does it really make if I believe in evolution or creation or both?

Your worldview affects everything you believe in life.  And what you believe affects the choices you make.  AND choices have consequences…you reap what you sow.  Even if you say you are a Christian, but you plant seeds of thinking and doing things the non-Christian way, you will reap the same results as the non-Christian. We need to know what seeds we are planting!  Remember the warning in James 1? So, let’s apply how this might work in the area of valuing yourself and your life.

In the case of godless evolution, if I believe I am an accident in chaos and no better than animals; then, my soul is downtrodden.  I am set up to live under the rule of the survival of the fittest.  Where is my value?  I am more susceptible to depression, anxiety, fear, purposelessness, and hopelessness.  My “self” has to struggle for self-esteem, self-actualization, self-independence, self-empathy, self-accomplishment, etc.  I have to build my success and pride to survive.  This is exactly what we find in the world and taught in our public schools…and now is so pervasive in American culture!

This is not what God says.  He said that He has predestined us from the foundation of the world to be His family…. His people (Romans 8: 28-30; Ephesians 1: 3-12).   He created us in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:26).  God values us so we have immense value!  We are made in the image of God!  He also warns that “pride comes before a fall.”  (Proverbs 16:18).  He says that living for “self” or “self-knowledge” will not work…there are bad consequences….do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil choices.  But man chose to go his own way and ate.  Human nature became corrupted.  It now could produce only after its own kind, its own image (Genesis 5:3).  Death is the consequence of separation from God, who is Life (and Life Source/Creator).  Corrupted human nature had to die to keep evil from being eternal (Genesis 3:21-24). God had a plan to restore humans to Himself.  Did you know even the angels long to look into His plans for humans? (1 Peter 1: 12)

Then, imagine this….Creator Father God had so much love and value in His people that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus to pay the penalty for the sin of the human nature (John 3:16).  But, we must repent and change from believing in and following our old sinful human nature (flesh) to believing and following Jesus, the new surrendered to Father nature we were created to live in!  We are supposed to live in love which is God’s character instead of living to “self”.  Jesus tells us to lay “self” down and follow His example of loving and serving others.

Creator Father God finds value in me!  He reaches down in the sacrifice of His Son to bring me back into His family and kingdom.  Jesus gave His life for me!  If I am a child of the Heavenly Father/Creator and King…then I have worth/value in Him. I am the “apple of His eye” (Psalm 17:8) and a child of the Supreme King (1 John 3:1, Romans 9:8).  My heavenly Father has made me “born again” in His image and likeness so that I can be His family in love relationship.  Now, I am His workmanship and a work in progress to become like Him (His righteousness – in right thinking and right doing).  I have purpose, fulfillment, accomplishment, love, and hope in Him.  I have faith in a real person I can trust.  I can believe in, trust in, depend on, and rely on Him. I have a Supreme Creator Father who loves me and cares for me! I have a Savior in Jesus.  I have a Counselor, Teacher, and Helper in the Holy Spirit!  I am not alone!  He promises to never leave or forsake me! (Hebrews 13:5).

What do you believe?  Where do you get your “self-worth”?  Which worldview do you choose?  Christian or Atheist/Humanist?  In which worldview to do you live?  Have you chosen to believe creationism or humanism?  In your real every day life, are you consciously choosing to humble yourself and follow God or are you trying to live life on your own thoughts and efforts? Are you saying you are a Christian, but living in a confused and chaotic worldview of “self”?  Just try listening to any media and “self” will jump out at you! What do your inner thoughts tell you…that you are valued by God or that you are basically a good person doing good things?  Are you trying to prove you are someone or that you can accomplish much?  Is owning a lot of “stuff” or money what validates your worth?  Are you hopeful or depressed?  Are you secure and know peace or do you live in anxiety and fear?

Maybe you do not really KNOW what a true Christian worldview believes?  Do you have a consistent and truth based Christian worldview in your mind?  Are you living your life out in a consistent true Christian worldview?  Or are you just saying you are a Christian, but living like the world…in inconsistency, doubt, confusion, anxiety…and trying to be good with positive thoughts and holding fast to feelings of happiness, but not really experiencing joy and peace inside?  Look around.  America claims to be a Christian nation under God.  How are Americans living?  What does American culture believe and what do they really put faith in enough to live out?  I pray God opens your eyes to His truth.  Seeing through God’s eyes is called revelation knowledge.  He has come to show you a new and living way….a better way….His way.  He loves you enough to tell you the whole truth!  Because if you choose wrong, you will reap those consequences too, even if you say you believe in God.  The difference is that if you really are His, He will help you out of the pits you fall into.  He is a good and perfect Father (James 1:17).

I hope you are beginning to see how knowing about worldviews and truth really does affect how you live!  Blessings!

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