Sin, Really?

If atheistic humanism is true and everything is relative to whatever a person chooses to believe; then can there really be sin?  In that philosophy, we would all just be acting out our own beliefs and choices.  How can I says someone is doing wrong (sinning), if they say what they are doing is OK?   For example, if I have a need and I see you have extra, is it now good for me to steal from you?   If there are no moral absolutes, then how do we determine right from wrong?  Who is the authority? Does some government or organization get to decide?  What if they are wrong? For example, do you want to live under Islamic Sharia law? Do you want to live under no law…lawlessness?  What if absolute truth really does exist?  If we believe something else, wouldn’t we then be deceived?  Humanism sounds good, but it does not work in reality and practicality….just in philosophy and terminology.

The Christian worldview believes in absolute truth.  And it believes God’s Word is absolute truth.  Violation of that absolute truth is sin.  I believe this fits reality and clears out confusion and deception.  Absolute truth is a gift to keep people out of destruction, trouble, and death!

The true Christian worldview believes that human nature is sinful from infancy and needs a Savior ….. meaning we cannot do enough good works to earn it for ourselves.  This absolute truth is unique to the Christian worldview.  Atheism, humanism, New Age, communism, socialism, all other religions tell people to look deep inside “self” to find their good inner man and requires good works to make “self” good now… and for those who believe in the “after life” permitted into eternity.

God has a lot to say about our sin condition in His Word, the Bible. First we believe in a Father Creator.  His character is Love and He purposed to create a family for love relationship and fellowship.  He intended His people/family to be created in His image and likeness (character and goodness).  He intended His people to rule over their own earthly kingdom as He ruled His kingdom in heaven.  He created earth and man….and breathed into them His Life!  It was good!  He fellowshipped with Adam and Eve daily! (Genesis 1-3)

Yet, in order for man to truly love God, man had to have the freedom to choose to love and live with Him.  Forced relationship would be slavery or a robotic creation.  That would not be true love.  The tree of the knowledge of good and evil gave them free will and free choice.  They could choose to trust God’s Word and His protective love instruction to not eat from it with the warning that it would separate them from Him (who is Life) and result in death.

Satan tempted them by telling them they could be like God and determine their own thoughts/knowledge and choices for good and evil.  By their free will, they could determine their own ideas/knowledge of good and evil.  They could choose to go against God’s instructions.  (He suggested humanistic thought.)  Satan had been a high ranking angel in heaven, but he had rebelled and committed mutiny due to his own pride and selfishness.  He convinced one third of the angels into mutiny and rebellion with him.  Now, he desired to steal God’s created family by deceiving and tempting them into mutiny as well.…knowing that in their choice to “be like God” in choosing their own thoughts and ways.  This would separate them from God (His will, His Word, His Way, His Truth, His Life) and they would fall into the kingdom of Satan.

Adam and Eve did choose to separate from God, from Life, from Light, from Love.  Sin is separation from God.  Separation from Life is death.  Human nature became corrupted with sin and death.  Being God had given man authority over all the earth, the earth now also fell under the curse of rebellion. (Genesis 1:28-31; Romans 8: 18-25).

Yet, God had a plan for the restoration of humans and earth back into relationship with Him.  In absolute and truth and justice, the only way to restore relationship with Life is to pay the penalty separation and death.  God had put the life in the blood (Leviticus 17:11); so death required that pure sinless blood be paid to restore man into God’s eternal presence in Life.  God already had a plan of salvation and restored relationship through Jesus, the only begotten beloved Son (Genesis 3:15).

After the fall of mankind, the seed of mankind was now corrupted.  And seed can only produce after its own kind.  So corrupted seed, could only produce corrupted seed.  God determined that man must be removed from the Garden of Eden so that they could no longer eat of the Tree of Life, thus living eternally in sin (Genesis 3: 22-23).  It is not until we receive Jesus as our Savior and Lord and enter into His heavenly kingdom that we then can eat again of the Tree of Eternal Life (Revelation 22).

As a human infant, we are the seed of corrupted sinful man.  It starts out bad, but the Godhead (Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit) has always had a plan to end it in goodness!  They prophesied the restoration plan and have been carrying it out to perfection….and will continue to carry it out to perfection until completion.  His Word is true and we can trust Him!  This is the truth from Genesis to Revelation.  Many would argue that this is just my idea or opinion.  I present it as absolute truth based on the Word of God.  It is the logic, the Logos, the Truth of God!

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