Genesis 1

There is so much in this beginning chapter!  Notice that earth comes first and is formless, empty, and dark!  God speaks and brings light in vs 3-4 even before He creates the sun in vs 16.  Let me remind you that God is Light….He brought Himself on the scene.

The earth began as a space of all water…and vs 6-8, God separates water to create dry land from oceans.  Vs 15, the lights in the heavenly expanse are to light the earth, but also for seasons and signs and marking time.  Do you know what they are signs for?  We will find out as we read through the Bible.

Then comes all animals and plants reproducing after their own kind…notice they do not evolve into different species.  Vs 27 He creates man in His own image…to be like Him!  Amazing!

Humans are commanded to reproduce their own kind and subdue the earth…meaning have authority over earth and all in it…vs 28-30.  It was all good!  (vs 31).

God’s intension for man was for man to rule over mans earthly kingdom under the supervision of God the way God rules in His kingdom!  What an amazing and wonderful plan He had for us…His people!  He planned to train us as kings as He is King…in His image and likeness.  He still has this plan and continues to work it out.

I believe He did it all for sons and daughters…a family to love!  I am so in awe about this!  He gives us such worth!  He made us in His image and sons and daughters!  Plus, notice that He set up and provided everything good before we were even brought into the world!  What a good Father!

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