Genesis 2

Work is complete and God rests on the seventh day….so He sanctifies it… meaning sets it apart.  Later, when God gives the 10 commandments, He says,  to remember the Sabbath Day….meaning seventh day of rest…to keep it holy…meaning set apart unto God with fellowship and rest from labors.  This becomes a spiritual principle in the way God works…His ways.  We will run into it more as we read through the Bible.  For example, Jesus said the Sabbath was made as a gift for man and not the man made as a slave to a Sabbath law (Mark 2:27).  Beware of man-made rules…religious ones can be really deceiving.

Then comes a more detailed description concerning the creation of the garden, man, and woman.  The man is instructed that he may eat from all the trees including the tree of life (which gives eternal life – we will see it again in Revelation when in our eternal home), but warned not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (consequence is death…”in that day”).  God is Life and He gives His tree that we should consume.  The other tree offers food apart from God…on man’s own knowledge of what is good and evil..humanism.  Separation from life is death.  God did not make man a robot, but rather gave him choice. Real love is not possible without choice to love.  God desires real love and fellowship by free choice.  Yet, He loves us so with choice, He also gives warning of the consequences of wrong choice.  Separating from God who is life…is death…in that day.

I am reminded that Peter says with God a day is as 1000 years…2 Peter 3:8.  Later, we will read that Adam lived to be 930 years old – Genesis 5:5.  So, he did die physically “in that day” of 1000 years.  He died spiritually that same day instantly…more about that in chapter 3 to come.

Beginning in vs 18, we read about the creation of woman.  Her purpose is to be man’s helper.  The world may think this is degrading…but, not God!  He also calls the Holy Spirit the “Helper” (John 14:26).  And He so honors and protects the Holy Spirit that He warns us to never speak against the Holy Spirit in Matthew 12:32.  Jesus also tells us that the greatest is the one who serves (Luke 22: 24-27).  So, be well pleased in the purpose of being a helper.  Also, notice that the woman was not formed out of the dust of the earth, but out of the rib of the man…she was truly bone of his bone.

Vs 24 is really interesting because it is so futuristic concerning a marriage principle.  Adam and Eve had no parents to leave….they only had each other to cling to.  But the marriage and union instructions between man and woman is written here….to leave primary union with parents and now cling primarily with your spouse.  Many today do not do this.  They still cling to their own family and expect the spouse to change.  My generation called it “cutting the apron strings”.  Marriage means making a new start together to create your own new intimate relationship of cooperation and your own joint family identity.  You will both carry over things from your past…but you need to create this new family with one another as top priority…not demanding the way my parents did it or by what they think.  Spouse first!

These first few chapters have a lot…it will go faster later.  Blessings.


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